In this webpage I tell You all about my nice production of the famous Tuscan red wine: Nobile Di Montepulciano.

My grandfather was a farmer and I ereditated a small land in Montepulciano.Montepulciano is a village situated in the countryside close to Siena City.

The countryhouse dominates the vineyard, and it makes the place a lovely cradle to spend some short holidays in the caracteristical Tuscan's valleys. The farm is for short rent periods. To have more details and see pictures of the place, please send me a request mail to

Divino Paolo Dei Falciani  is how I labelled my wine. The wine is also on sale, and for any kind of request please write me a mail.

Please visit  Wine-Tech. Details webpage.


To be in contact with nature is to be more in contact with ourselves. I want to inform my kind visitors about my sister's activity . Elsa is her name and she is an olistic personal trainer.Please visit her website at