Here I tell you something about my activities: from art to wine, from business to wellbeing and from wellbeing to..........


I am in my thirtieth, living in Milan, Italy and I enjoy photography as well as wine production.

As Junior Manager I am working in tha pharmaceutical business and I am travelling a lot; it is especially during my trips that I try to bring home pieces of the experiances, using my camera.

Geometrical shapes,still life, abstracts and care to details of  what I see are my favorite subjects.

As far as wine production, I run a small vineyard classified to produce Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano.

It is a nice product, for real red wine lovers. The vineyard  is situated on the Siena's hills in Montepulciano Village, in the region of Toscany,Italy

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Skype: paolo falciani